Tate Modern, May - June 2010

During May, June and July 2010, we worked with the Tate Community Film Club based at Tate Modern. This involved curating the film program and creating a series of participatory performances that took place prior to each monthly screening, which we called ‘Trailers’.

In May, for example, we inserted radio microphones in the trays of the sweet and salty popcorn we were serving, the mics were connected to speakers in the space to create a soundscape that changed according to your order. A red carpet was hired from BAFTA and the attendees were interviewed by a performer about their favourite films. We screened The Girl Chewing Gum by John Smith, Lost in La Mancha by Terry Gilliam, Teatros Amazonas by Sharon Lockhart and Taste of Shirin by Hamideh Razav.