The People Behind The Financial System: Sweden (2017)
Konsthall C, Stockholm
3 - 5pm Saturday 25th November

The People Behind The Financial System is an artwork comprised of informal encounters between 20 individuals working in the Swedish financial sector and the wider public.

Over a 2 hour period, attendees are invited to engage in ten conversations of their choice, each lasting 10 minutes. These 20 representatives range from a former Member of the European Parliament and bank CEO to a venture capitalist, algorithm coder and bank note engraver.

The People Behind The Financial System seeks to instigate an open environment of idea exchange, democratising the specialist knowledge and hidden transactions that impact us all.

Working like detectives, following leads from friends of friends and chance conversations, approaching communications teams of bigger institutions, the assembled representatives embody a complex web of research, dialogue and administration over the last six months.

Significantly, the participating representatives of the financial system are doing so on a non-monetary basis. They exchange their time for a limited edition artwork by They Are Here.

This scenario, which the artists often describe as a performance, poses questions about the limits of institutional visibility. They Are Here assert it is important to consider who is not here, as much as who is present. The individuals on this date offer a highly subjective portrait of the financial system; those that were prepared to be present. Each will have their own motivations that can never be fully determined. Indeed, a physical presence can also obscure institutional and fiscal activity in practice.

The first iteration of The People Behind The Financial System (2016) was commissioned by the Southbank Centre for the Royal Festival Hall, London.

This work has been commissioned by Konsthall C; in partnership with the Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm Resilience Centre & Global Economic Dynamics and The Biosphere: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and with support from Arts Council England & the British Council, Stockholms Stad & NKF-Studio Malongen.

Documentation: Fredrik Andersson