I’ll Bring You Flowers (2012 - ongoing)
Centrala, Birmingham & Redbridge Central Library, Ilford (April – June 2015)

"Everyone needs to eat and occasionally present flowers. For both you need money. I don't have money because I don't have a job. Help me find a job and you'll be presented flowers."

The preceding quote is a translation from a classified advert in a Russian language newspaper printed in England (April 2012).

Charmed by the poetry of the ad, we have since met its author, Dainis, and his wife, Iveta, a Latvian couple currently based in East London. In committing to searching for work on their behalf, we have instigated a micro-narrative that opens a discourse concerning work-driven migration within the EU, the role of language in relation to access to public resources and the politics of acts of generosity, philanthropy and charity, especially in relation to how these acts are communicated, documented or publicly shared.

We are still in the process of assisting this couple look for work. To this end we have produced a business card which we are circulating to aid our search.

Documentation and research relating to this ongoing narrative was most recently presented at Centrala, a space supporting East & Central European culture in Birmingham and Redbridge Library, Ilford. This presentation included images taken by Dainis himself, in which he documents his life and travels around London.

See more of Dainis's photographs here

Supported by Redbridge City Council & Arts Council England