Halfway House
Man & Eve Gallery, London, October - November 2007

"Independent estate agent Daniel Cobb in association with They Are Here are pleased to announce a new portfolio of haunted properties in response to London’s property boom. The most distinguished of these is ‘Halfway House’, 131 Kennington Park Rd, a beautiful Grade 2 listed Georgian town-house (formerly the art gallery Man & Eve)…"

In ‘Halfway House’ the language and devices of the haunted house are subverted to explore notions of absence, presence, memory and time. This unfolds into a meditation on loss, twinned histories and the hurt of betrayal. Using the form of an estate agent’s tour, this performance-installation is structured to take you through a number of states: from watcher to witness, to participant and finally independent creator. Drawing on the net-based practices of user-generated content and by actively encouraging the slippage between fictive and factual, you are propelled into another narrative and life – played out by playing your own.

‘Halfway-House’ is part of an ongoing series of explorations called The Twin’s Research Project, 2006-on going. The project investigates the potential of non-linear narratives, the nature of twins in relation to our culture and society and collaborative structures between individual artists and their media.